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The world’s first AI powered On-Page SEO solution. uses advanced AI to automatically optimize your web pages to the best terms possible. Never worry about
On-Page SEO again.

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Personalized Keyword RecommendationsPersonalized Keyword Recommendations

Predictive Search Term Selection analyzes every page of your site and finds the best possible terms for you to target them to.

Easy to Follow Optimization StepsEasy to Follow Optimization Steps

Optimize Your Site Automatically is so smart it makes all the HTML optimization changes for you. Boom... your site is now optimized.

Monthly Progress ReportsMonthly Progress Reports

Set It And Forget It monitors your page performance to course correct as needed, and optimizations are always based on current best practices.


Traditional On-Page SEO services usually cost between $200-$1000/mo.

Pay Per Site. Simple.

Pre-Order today and get your first 4 months for the price of 1!

75% off!

Automated (AI)

Never worry about On-Page SEO again!

$54/mo./4 mo.
  • 1. Keywords chosen by an AI

  • 2. All optimizations handled by an AI

  • 3. Evolves with your site over time

What Does Do?

faqs AI Beta

  • What platforms are supported?

    Our plan is to support all major CMS's starting with Wordpress.
  • Can I get access now?

    No. we are currently pre-beta, but sign up above to be the first to get access.
  • Will my data be private and safe?

    Your privacy and data security are our top priorities and we take it seriously. Please see the Privacy link in the footer for more info.


  • Can I add/remove sites over time?

    Yes, you can add/remove sites as you need to from within the app.
  • Is there a bundled pricing option? (I manage a lot of websites)

    We currently have a flat rate of $54 per month for each website you'd optimize.
  • What happens when I cancel?

    Your site will be the same as it was prior to using, but your pages will remain optimized.


  • How intelligent are the keyword suggestions?

    We use advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms to identify the best keywords for each of your pages. We are still training the system so we welcome your feedback :-)
  • Can I control what changes are made?

    Yes, you have control of every change that is made. You can confirm/deny any changes suggested by the AI until you're confident in its ability to make great decisions.
  • Can I trust the AI to make good decisions?

    Don't worry, until our AI is fully trained we have a human double check all the changes made to ensure quality.

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